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National Transaction is a South Florida based payment processing company dedicated to the travel industry. We are ASTA's first premiere partner and their preferred travel payment provider. We are here to help navigate the complex nature of travel payment processing and strive to provide the lowest costs possible with no holds or reserves on your funding.

We take a unique approach when it comes to travel payment processing and understand that our success relies on your travel agency being competitive at every step. We provide secure, reliable transactions from any device and over 100 different currencies. We aim to provide high tickets, high volume sales with no holds or reserves on your funds and next day deposits. We also have concierge 24/7 U.S. based customer supports with the lowest rates available to the travel industry.

Our goal is to provide the best solutions for your travel agency that works the way you do. Whether you are a travel agent, tour operator, hotel/motel or ticket seller. We will integrate our payment platform to work the way you currently do, or provide cost saving methods. We can set your business up as an omni-commerce payment acceptor. This means whether it’s retail (credit card holder is present) over the phone or e-commerce over the internet and on mobile devices. This gives a unified system for all your transactions including cash and checks.

Travel credit card processing is not accepted by many merchant service providers. National Transaction is the preferred payment provider for CCRA, ASTA, Virtuoso and many other travel associations. Find out why travel agencies are considered high risk merchant accounts and why we are the preferred merchant services provider for travel agents. We know the complications you’ve experienced and we excel at providing no holds, and no reserves on your transactions with a lowest cost guarantee.

Travel Agencies

Whether you are host agency or a team of agents, National Transaction can help increase your cash flow and provides the tools your entire organization can use.

Travel Agents

Use our virtual terminal or our exclusive electronic invoicing platform to transform your business and increase productivity.

Tour Operators

We understand the challenges that tour operators face when creating and delivering the adventure and experiences that travelers desire.

Hospitality & Lodging

From car rental agencies to hotel/motel stays and bed and breakfasts we can help your revenue cycle and get you paid faster.


National Transaction Corporation is the preferred credit card processing agent for many national travel agencies & associations. We are able to establish travel merchant accounts and credit card processing when many others cannot. If you feel you are paying too much for merchant services with your current provider, call now for a free rate review and we will demonstrate the savings you can enjoy. If you've ever been declined because your business was considered 'High Risk', apply with us and see the value we add to each of our merchant accounts. We are the preferred merchant account service provider for ASTA, Virtuoso, CCRA, ARTA, HBTA, Trams and many more. We are also affiliated with JaxFax, Travel weekly, TRO / Travel Research Online and other travel agency associations in the travel industry.

Credit Card Processing

We provide systems to authorize, capture, and settle payments made by customers using their credit cards to book flights, accommodations, rental cars, or other travel-related services.

Custom e-commerce Integrations

Gateway integrations for booking engines, shopping carts and self-service checkouts.

24/7 Concierge Service & Support

U.S. based customer service and technical support for 'round the clock personalized help on demand.

Electronic Invoicing
& Payment Links

Our exclusive payment link platform allows you to quickly generate electronic invoices and links that can capture payments.

Currency Conversion

Allow customers to pay in their local currency while you collect funding in yours.

Credit Card Vault & Tokenization

Securely store and charge your customers cards for future transactions. Capture the data once, store it in your vault, and recall it any time you need it.

Our Mission

Our primary goal is to provide businesses with a reliable and cutting-edge payment processing platform that exceeds their expectations. We strive to offer exceptional service, tailored solutions, and personalized support to meet the unique needs of each client.

Our Plan

Through continuous innovation and technological advancements, we aim to stay at the forefront of the payment processing industry. We are dedicated to staying up-to-date with the latest trends, emerging payment methods, and security measures to ensure our clients have access to state-of-the-art solutions.

Our Vision

Together with our clients, we envision a future where payments are seamless, secure, and effortless. Our mission is to empower businesses with the tools and technology to unlock their full potential and drive economic prosperity.

Our Care

Our commitment extends beyond providing payment processing services. We aim to be a trusted advisor and strategic partner for our clients, offering valuable insights, industry expertise, and guidance to help them navigate the ever-evolving payments landscape.

Michael J. Kenyon

Ceo & Founder

National Transaction taught me so much about my travel payment processing, making it more effective and efficient. Their electronic Invoicing app makes it so easy to do e-commerce sales without having to integrate into my website.

Dana T. Tyson

Travel Agent

So many of the payment aggregators like PayPal, Stripe and Square tend to freeze and hold your funds, if you can get them to accept your travel agency, National Transaction Guided me through all the obstacles.

Barbara T. Rouse

Travel Advisor

We needed a solution for our Trams Booking Engine and National Transaction was the only game in town. I'm glad we switched.

James S. Ayers

Tour Operator

I shopped around to get the lowest rates possible, not only did NTC provide the lowest rates, their customer support is absolutely stellar.

William L. Provencher

Entrepreneur, Host Travel Agency Owner

As a host travel agency owner, my needs are unique and diverse. National Transaction makes it easy to satisfy all my payment processing needs.


We get a lot of questions and concerns regarding travel payment processing. Our process is to be clear and transparent when providing guidance for any travel payment merchant services we provide.

  • Why is travel payment processing high risk?

    One of the biggest reasons the travel industry is "high risk" when it comes to payment processing is the concept of "delayed delivery". Most travel bookings happen months before the credit card holder ever even boards the plane or cruise ship. This leaves open the window of opportunity for a charge back in the event of an unsatisfying experience. During that open window the travel agents might still be accepting future booking which compounds the risk to the bank that is providing the funding to the travel agency.

  • Typically banks want to know the financial health of a business when underwriting their "risk exposure". Tax returns, balance sheets, and business financials(profit & loss statements) can give the bank the insight required to reduce or eliminate reserves or holds on funding requirements placed on the merchant account.

  • When there is an anomaly on your merchant account, such as a spike in volume or unusual transaction activity, a payment processor might hold the funds from deposit into your account while a review is performed. Sometimes additional information may be requested to facilitate the review. Once the review is complete and the volume/transaction activity has been verified, the hold may be lifted and the funds will flow through to your bank account.

    Reserves, on the other hand, are a portion of funds the processor holds indefinitely to mitigate the risk of a specific merchant account. Reserves can be reviewed periodically if the financial position of the business improves to see if they can be released, reduced, and or removed.

    At National Transaction we strive to eliminate both holds and reserves on your merchant account. If you are experiencing either of these on your current travel payment processing, we're here to help. Call 888-996-2273 to get started today.

  • Funds can be dopostied right into your bank account, the next business day, with our next day funding option. Generally funds are deposited 48-72 hours without next-day-funding.

  • Many travel agents tend to work from home, or incorporate their own business as a travel agency. As they grow in size they will recruit other travel agents, or even travel agencies to come work for them, or sell their products and services as a representative of the larger "Host Travel Agency" This arrangement has one person or business selling for another and to mitigate confusion has a single merchant account for electronic payment processing. By doing it this way the host travel agency's business name will appear on the credit card statments of the traveler. This can lead to fewer chargebacks and less confusion for the credit card holder.


If you have any questions or would like to discuss your specific payment processing flow, feel free to call us on our toll-free number or use the form below to reach us outside our normal working hours.

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